Take a Tour

Can I tour the Cornercopia Student Organic Farm?

Yes!  We love that so many people are interested in visiting the farm and learning more about what we do at Cornercopia. We have created two options to meet the needs of community members and visitors interested in learning more about the farm. University of MN students, faculty and staff interested in using the farm for an educational purpose should contact the farm at apfeiffe@umnedu directly to discuss your project.

  1. We offer free, public tours twice each year, usually in the summer and fall. These tours are open to anyone and do not require pre-registration. Public tour dates for 2018 are: Tuesday, June 12, 5-8 pm and Tuesday, September 11, 4-6 pm 
  2. Groups may request a guided tour of the farm. Please know, however, that we are a fully operational farm and it may take several weeks to schedule a tour date. Plan ahead to find a date and time that works for your group as well as the farm. Tours are scheduled Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.  Due to limited staff capacity, weekend tours are not currently available.  All tour scheduling is subject to staff availability. To request a guided tour, contact the farm at apfeiffe@umnedu. In your initial correspondence please suggest 2-3 dates and time options along with the number of people you expect to be in your group.
  3. All tour groups must be accompanied by Organic Program staff or an approved UMN faculty member. Faculty are asked to ensure that groups they bring to the farm remain respectful of the farm spaces including the animals and plants living on the farm.

How much does a tour cost and how many people can be in a tour group?

We’ve found that 25 or fewer people in a tour group is ideal for optimal hearing of guides and fitting comfortably in the hoop houses together for the highest quality tour. The rate of $50/hour for groups of 25 or fewer. If your group is larger than 25 people, we can provide 2 tour guides at the same time for a fee of $100/hr. Tours generally last about 1.5 hours, though we can modify the timing to fit your needs.

What do tours cover?

Tours generally cover a brief history of Cornercopia, the hows and whys of organic production practices, and a discussion of what we grow and where our food goes. If your group is interested in focusing on a particular topic, we are happy to accommodate your interests as much as possible.

Can I host an event on the farm?

Although our farm is a beautiful setting to host an event, we have very limited capacity to host events on our farm and will consider requests on a case by case basis. All food served on the Cornercopia farm must be catered by University Dining Services. Please contact us directly for more information.