The CFANS Organic Program at the University of Minnesota is a global leader in organic research, education, and community engagement. The Cornucopia Student Organic Farm is a critical component of the Organic Program, providing a vibrant, energizing center for knowledge sharing and creative solution building that celebrates the rich beauty and bounty of urban food landscapes by promoting experiential learning opportunities where students can develop the skills necessary to create sustainable interconnected food systems.

CFANS Organic Program Mission

The CFANS Organic Program at the University of Minnesota Twin City campus is an exemplary model for innovative organic agriculture research and education. We maintain an excellent support structure for student and faculty research, and promote discovery and learning about organic agriculture within the University of Minnesota community.

Cornucopia Student Organic Farm Mission

Cornercopia is the University of Minnesota’s student organic farm and living laboratory, where students are encouraged to realize bold ideas and take creative risks via the production of diverse, high quality, and ecologically responsible foods, and participation in a community of practice dedicated to promoting sustainable food systems. Through our formal and informal programs, Cornercopia prepares tomorrow’s agricultural leaders with skills to bring about positive, forwardthinking food system change.